I am Ian Shorrock, a web-application & site developer, graphic designer, and user interface designer from Boulder, Colorado.

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Currently, my focus is to find full-time employment with an exciting tech company with large growth potential.

For current availability please
contact me with inquiries.

My contract services include:

  • User Interface Design.
  • Website Development (CSS, XHTML, Drupal, Django, DHTML).
  • Graphic Design for Print or Digital Media.
  • Consulting.

General Information:

My professional career began in 2004 as a graphic designer for Fiske Planetarium, combining my interests in computing and visual communication.

In 2005 I rapidly moved into interactive media doing freelance Flash development and User Interface Design, and then in 2006 as a web designer and themer for PingVision LLC.

In 2008 my focus shifted towards web application development working with the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

In December 2008 I graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
My emphasis was in Digital Art and Photography.

I also hold a Technology Art and Media certificate from the ATLAS institute at CU, completed Spring 2008.


Compatibility, content, & CAPTCHAs

April 15, 2009

I've updated the site recently, adding a few new pieces of content and providing browser support for IE 7, Chrome and Safari.

My recent project is creating a Django Question / Answer pseudo-CAPTCHA system, explicitly for implementation on http://amp.ucar.edu to provide verification for automated account registration and contact forms. In addition, the application has been developed to be project agnostic and I plan on releasing it to the Django open source community.

Using a trivia based system on sites may provide a human friendly alternative to the alphanumeric CAPTCHAs of old. Acceptance in this case is dependent on a user community that is either knowledgeable in an area of specific trivial knowledge, or is willing to perform brief research. A site with a limited number of Q/A challenges available for use may suffer vulnerabilities to attacks using successful question / answer pairs recorded by a human. Hopefully, proper implementation with a sizable Q/A challenge library or brute force & repeat refreshing monitoring should deter automated registration for most sites.

We're live!

March 18, 2009

After several weeks of hard work, I'm releasing my site into the world! The site is operating as a beta, with much content left to be added and a few functional and design tweaks to be had.
Currently, the only supported browser is Firefox. My next step after finishing content will be browser compatibility, sorry for any inconvenience.
Please check out my work, get a feel for the site and be sure to use the Contact page to send me your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for visiting!